Breed Standard

Australian Bullarab Breeder's Association

All Australian Bullarabs must comply with the official BREED STANDARD to be registered.

A) General Appearance & Characteristics
A tough, active Bullarab needs to have the endurance and speed to be able to hunt and find but still the strength to control a feral boar.
The Bullarab presents a balanced image between power and speed. Everything about the Bullarab should be moderate and balanced, it is not a Bullarab of extremes. Scars resulting from wounds received while working are not to be penalized. Symmetrical and well built all over, general outline a series of graceful curves.

B) Temperament
Kind and loyal, balanced and placid nature, intelligent and independent, Strong drive and determination when worked and a busy work ethic. Must not show any signs of aggressiveness towards other dogs and under no circumstance towards other people.

C) Head & Skull
Well balanced in proportion to the body, with well formed jaw muscles running into a moderate to longer muzzle.

D) Head
Head is of a moderate length and breadth in proportion to foreface. Eyes are bright, colour is in accordance with coat colour.

E) Teeth
A full complement of strong, white teeth meet in a level bite. Teeth are well set into the jaw with moderate k9s at the front, forming a well meshed placement of teeth. Teeth should be healthy and strong. Teeth loss due to old age or work should not be penalised.

F) Ears
The ears come in 2 variations, a nice even drop of moderate flat size and a laid back curved ear flowing to a drop.

G) Neck
The strong, muscular neck is of moderate length with a slight arch. Skin should vary from tight to moderately loose skin.

H) Body
The body conveys an active appearance. The chest is not too big, nor too shallow. The strong, straight back is in proportion to the height.
The body is of moderate to long regardless of height.

I) Hindquarters
Muscular, thigh muscles well developed, strait when viewed from behind, well angled when viewed from the side.

J) Feet
Feet may vary slightly from a good straight stance to a slightly swayed outwards appearance, hard pads and a well bunched set of arched toes.

K) Tail
The tail is set low, thick at the base and tapers to a point. Its length is in proportion to the body and is set low with a slight upward curve when standing in a relaxed stance.

L) Coat
The coat must be smooth and short. A soft textured undercoat may be present in cold weather. Double coats: shaggy coats and feathering on the tail are not to be accepted.

M) Colour
Acceptable colours include: black, brindle and tan with a liver opposite to those colours. Bullarabs are full coloured with patches of white.
The majority of Bullarabs will have more white than colour (giving the appearance of a predominately white Bullarab), however Bullarabs that appear full in colour are also acceptable, given they have white socks and/or a white blaze. Coloured flecking on white is common and acceptable.
Unacceptable colours include: Harlequin, Merle, silver and dilute recessives.

N) Height & Weight
Ideal Height range: Males 63cm - 69cm Females 61cm - 66cm
Ideal Weight range: Males 32kg - 42kg Females 28kg - 40kg

O) Disqualifications
Unilateral or Bilateral Cryptorchid. Viciousness or extreme shyness. Albinism. Hip and elbow dysplasia.
Incorrect colour or incorrect coat. Any abnormal physical deformities or evidence of deformities in off spring.

Bullarabs falling outside the parameters of what is deemed the 'Breed Standard", may be submitted for registry with ABBA and will be thoroughly evaluated and given consideration for acceptance. Please note, that not all Bullarabs will be successful in their registration.