Registration Information

Australian Bullarab Breeder's Association

  • General Information
  • 1. The purpose of the association is to register all pure bred Bullarabs and have a central point of contact for Bullarab breeders, buyers, fanciers, media groups, interest groups and relevant government bodies.
  • 2. All registered dogs will have their own personal identification number with the Association. This allows each dog to be tracked and traced no matter who owns the dog. The most accurate method to do this is using Microchips, hence it is recommended that pups are sold with a micro chipped.
  • 3. Upon request, all registered dogs will receive a registration certificate with the dog's registration number, birth date and parental linage.
  • 4. Proof of linage is the most important factor in determining eligibility for registration. If the dog does not come from two registered parents, then linage will need to be verified. The executive Committee has full discretion on validity of linage and their knowledge will take precedence on acceptance or decline of registration.
  • 5. Photographic portraits of dogs are encouraged as this assist with building a better database of dogs.
  • 6. DNA will not be actively perused by the association unless otherwise instructed by the executive.

  • Costs
  • 1. Membership - Each person will gain free membership upon the registering of their first dog. Individuals must complete a membership form and submit it to the association.
  • 2. Dog Registration - Each member can register their dog for life for $20.00AUD. All dogs can be registered with the association on completion of the registration form and payment of fee.
  • 3. Dogs for sale - It is strongly encouraged that any pure bred Bullarab pup that is sold is registered with the Association by the Breeder/seller.
    The $20.00AUD cost of registration can be passed onto the prospective buyer and it is the seller's responsibility to support the association and channel funds back. The association requires this support to maintain funds and stay viable.