Breed History

Australian Bullarab Breeder's Association

The idea of creating an Australian working dog with the particular attributes we still see today, started pre 1970 where a breed was established, which was made up of Greyhound, English Bull Terrier and German Short Haired Pointer.

The pictures below are photographs of THE ORIGINAL DOGS that were crossed all those years ago.

English Bull Terrier German Short Haired Pointer Greyhound
The German Short Haired x Greyhound males that were crossed
to 2 English Bull Terrier bitches
A pair of the 1st German Sort Haired Pointers x Greyhound x English Bull Terrier

In the early 80's Blood Hound was added to the mix and so 'The Australian Bullarab ~ Australia's Working Dog' was born.
As the line slowly grew, others back in the early 1970s joined in to help the new breed grow.

Our current ABBA registry has literally hundreds upon hundreds of entries of this now established breed: 'The Australian Bullarab'.
ABBA does not allow any other breed or cross-breeds into the mix and is still keeping to the true original lines.

The pictures below show just a small sample of early Bullarabs from the 1970s onwards.